Professor Gordon Campbell – keynote speaker

Professor Campbell has an international reputation across the whole span of Renaissance and early modern studies, and an expertise precisely in the interdisciplinary and cross-cutting interactions of literary, theological, artistic and other fields of cultural enquiry. He has also experience of working in government, the varied institutions of his own career here ideally placing him to reflect on the many ways in which the early modern career might be explored, both then and now.

Professor Campbell’s keynote will consider the following:

‘Careers, like conversion narratives, are for the most part retrospective constructions. Milton was constantly constructing his career as a writer in retrospect, when in fact most of his writing (especially his prose) was adventitious. This talk will examine Milton’s ex post facto constructions of his career, and will also examine the one period of Milton’s life when he had a job, working in the service of the Commonwealth and Protectorate. It will also consider motive, in Milton’s case the ideal of the virtuous citizen, which we would now call ‘active citizenship’, as a force that shapes careers.’


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