Central to the design of the Early Modern Career event is the use of innovative social media and new technologies not only to record but to map the nature of interactions and networks through the day.

At this event we have partnered with the Cambridge-based firm Blendology to provide all of you with oneTap interactive badges. This technology makes it easy for you to exchange your contact information with others  – by simply tapping. The oneTap badges will be given to you at registration. At a minimum your name, organisation and email will be shared with the people you tap with (the oneTap as a confirmation you want to share information). Use it as a complement to your business cards. You can enhance your profile with extra information to be shared by signing up: instructions will be sent out nearer the event. At the end of the event please return the oneTap badges and we will send out a link that will allow you to see who you have connected (tapped) with.

We encourage participants to use Twitter and other social media during the event (#BAEMCareer). ‘Real-time’ engagement will be captured throughout the day, and subsequently archived and analysed through Storify.


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